Meat us

Meat us – BBQ & Smokehouse

Food. Friends. Beverage.

Three ingredients for a great evening.

Food. Friends. Beverage.
Three ingrediens for a great evening.

Enjoy an evening with us with your friends!

We promise to offer awesome barbecue dishes with the same fervor you find in the American South, in an environment where you and your friends can hang out and enjoy good food & drinks! There, we as staff also do everything to ensure that the memory of your visit with us is connected with a really good feeling, that our restaurant becomes a place you and your friends will be happy to return to.

We are primarily a steakhouse for meat lovers, but of course offer dishes for all preferences. Our menu is created out of passion with a wide range of meat, fish, seafood and vegetarian options. We want to pay tribute to the genuinely American, with a relaxed atmosphere in combination with food and drink with a clear connection to the food and drink culture of the South, where we want to create harmony throughout the meal.

Welcome to us!

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